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Poster: Mind of Madness Date: Sep 14, 2003 3:33am
Forum: prelinger Subject: Downloading instructions for movies (PC, WIN XP version)

OKAY, someone out there IS listening! I’m responding to the recent postings on the movies archive Yahoo group and also to Prelinger about difficulties encountered when trying to download. I agree with the exasperated poster that the interface for movie downloading has a fairly steep learning curve. I liked to have never figured it out myself. Hopefully this little instruction guide will be of use to the non-techie. This is for a PC running XP. Other windows versions MAY be a little different but should be similar. There may be alternate methods for downloading that others use (chime in with info here), but this is how I do it. MACINTOSH users… feel free to chime in with instructions for your machines.

Happy downloading… Prelinger is the greatest site on the web!

In this example we’ll download step-by-step a very small 13-second movie file called “Countdown Leader”.

From the Prelinger start page click on “Browse the Prelinger Archives”: You’ll get a large menu of selections.

Click “Motion Pictures”. From the new menu click “Projection” and you’ll be presented with multiple movies to select from. Scroll down to the bottom movie then mouse over the colored title bar. Your cursor arrow will change shape to a pointing finger image. Click “Countdown Leader: Technicolor Corporation”.

You are now at the download options screen. Mouse over the word (actually a link) “MPEG2”. Cursor changes to a pointing finger. RIGHT CLICK this time, a windows menu selection box will appear. Left click “Save Target As…”

A windows “Save As” box appears with this films file name appearing as “Countdow1960.mpeg”. At the top of the box is a “Save In” area. Select “Desktop” so the movie can be found easily after downloading.

Your ready… in the lower right corner of the windows “Save As” box click the “Save” button. Your movie is downloading and you’ll see a box showing the download progress. When the file is download is complete all you need to do is locate the file on the desktop, double click the file, sit back and enjoy the show.

Be aware that an MPEG2 file won’t play in all media players. But you should have the basics under your belt now to download any file type from Prelingers archives.

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Poster: cashel Date: Sep 14, 2003 6:00am
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: Downloading instructions for movies (PC, WIN XP version)